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Wardrobe Inclusivity: Men in Blouses = Women in Suits

I’d like to start this piece with the fact that clothing, in general, is made of the same few fabrics i.e., cotton, polyester, silk, etc. The main reason clothing is gendered is that society in the past has pushed it to be so. Trends on how we, as humans, have chosen to wear clothing are ever oscillating and trends circle back. Alright, with that said, men in blouses are today's women in suits. I'd like to explain why this shift is important for our time.

Men in blouses are today's women in suits.
Men in blouses are today's women in suits.

Suits for women, also referred to as pantsuits or women suits, became the modern-day work attire for women. The pantsuit got its peak in practical use in the 1980s, the same time the workplace found itself with an exponential increase of women. The pantsuits can be constructed similarly to a suit on a man; a jacket, a button-up shirt with a tie, and some slacks fashioned with differing details such as a wider variety of patterns and colors to choose from - pastels and gem colors. An accompanying garment under the jacket is either a button-up shirt or blouse and lastly the bottoms are a variation of slacks and/or a skirt. The pantsuit gave women the chance to break gender norms not only in the fashion world but on the government officials' floor as well. Women weren’t permitted to wear pants on the Senate floor until 1993 when two female senators wore pants with their suit jackets and the rule was amended that same year. Women wearing suits were considered controversial, but it gave them the ability to be perceived as equals in the workplace.

This wave in modern fashion is important because it can break the stigma of what men can wear, not only opening up their options to more than just a button-up, t-shirt, and tie but letting men have a style outlet. Not everyone has to dress as a fashion runway model but it’s nice to see men wear more jewelry and a vibrant top piece. As men open up about their physical appearance, I think that will open up their emotional aspects too. I believe open-mindedness leads to better compassion and empathy so if one is able to express themselves in different outlets then I believe one will be able to express their outward emotions. I am not speaking merely of romantic emotions but overall emotions, the ones that eliminate toxic masculinity. Honestly, who doesn't like a man with a bit of sensitivity?

While suits give women a better way to fit into the workplace and the business attire world, blouses for men, wearing pink or any article deemed feminine on men is highly attractive and provides them an array of styles to express themselves on a regular basis. Encourage them to be more comfortable in colors other than black and navy while embracing more feminine pieces.

We at Keyola Consultants have our own views on fashion and coming from a fashion industry our gender biases regarding whom should wear what are very lax. However, we do not bend on the rules of class and style. Whatever clothing preference one has is not the nature of our business; living the life in the look you love is paramount. Allow one of our consultants to help you outwardly tailor the inner you.

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