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Everybody at my Party is VIP

We love to party, right? Family reunions, neighborhood street parties, barbeques even the occasional basement get togethers. It doesn't take much to call over our closest compadres, pull out the card tables, the plastic table coverings and turn on the best of the 90's jams. But how do you prepare when you have parties that include the most elite of company.

The guest list is finalized with names of the top notched rsvp'd and their plus-ones. The SOLO cups will not do at this event therefore we take days even weeks to choose the right decor. We set out the right table linens and have catered the best hors d'oeuvres and entrees money can buy. The live entertainment is ready to give the performance of a lifetime and/or the DJ is perfect, he'll have us all falling in love again. You can just imagine the champagne showers that will take place on this champagne night. This event is sure to be the best celebration yet.

Because you have decided to throw this social gathering it places you in a “host” position. As the host of the outstanding soiree that will be talked about for years to come, we must consider how to properly host. Considering we are not all the Great Gatsby of our parties, meaning either everyone knows everyone, or everyone knows no one and that's acceptable, we will have to introduce guest as they arrive. But who do we introduce to who first?

Key things to remember when introducing other people, it is a good idea to include a piece of information about each person. This can present common ground for the people being introduced, which can then spark a conversation. There shall be no standing in the corners at your party - considerate introductions take the stress out of meeting new people and make the situation enjoyable. Try this for example: "Good Evening, Miss Plus-One. You mentioned you were an art director at the local gallery. Do you know Mr. Other Guest? They are an art enthusiast. I'm sure you two will have much to talk about." You have just helped make a connection.

If there is someone new to you at the party take the time to acquaint yourself briefly. After which, you can make a common match to someone else at the party that they may be able to strike a conversation.

Now for the fun part, as everyone is renowned and an elite in their field those that know each other may gather together and start to converse. As a good host you will want to float around to ensure everyone has a beverage or hors d'oeuvre and is having a good time. Typically, shadowing you is your closest friend, the guest of honor or the person you are trying to become more acquainted. You will have to introduce them to every group you encounter, it is sometimes confusing as to which person to introduce or present first.

A common and accepted introduction sequence is as follows:

• Mention the most honored or senior person in the group first; you can also introduce the least-known person first (“Ms. Important, I would like you to meet Mr. New”).

• Introduce a person from your company to a potential client or customer.

• When two equally ranked people of both genders are introduced, name the woman first

• If you don’t know anyone, introduce yourself first then have people introduce themselves from left to right. (Source IAPCC)

Now, you are more prepared to host your next shindig. Having arranged all the appropriate settings (food, decor etc.) and incorporating the best way to introduce others accompanied with a few conversation starter topics are all you need to have the party going into the wee hours of the morning. Have fun!


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