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Success, You Have Arrived!

Man receiving a trophy

I recall a time when I use to dream about being successful. Not so much as dream, but to daydream about what I might acquire that would illustrate my success. When I was in my 20's, I imagined that I had reached success when I owned a Blackberry. All the businessmen and women had one. It was a tool that indicated you were important, and that people needed to hear from you in a moment's notice. Oh, how I loved to see someone well dressed in the latest Hugo Boss or Donna Karen suit, carrying a briefcase and pulling out their Blackberry phone. Success. That's what it looked like to me then.

When I reached my 30's, the image of success changed. The material necessities were of greater magnitude. A big house, nice cars, 401k's and stocks. I'd matured. The blackberry became obsolete. Having a solid foundation was more important. Even if it didn't come with the fancy gadgets. Having a community and connections were my focus. Maintaining my youthful beauty was paramount. Obtaining greater accomplishments were the driving force and overcoming obstacles that threated to delay progress were annihilated. I like to call that the "takeover" season of life. It's the season when you realize that you are not invincible, you realize you can be penetrable, but you also realize that you are very powerful.

Now success to me is in the passing of the torch. It is in having a solid strong family that is thriving in all their endeavors, however that may look to them. Perhaps that means being the latest and greatest creator of something technical or traveling the world for the next great groundbreaking story, writing a song that the whole world sings or having a family of their own. Success. I imagine as I continue to age success will continue to transform. Imaginably, by the time I'm sixty I might have a feeling of success if my retirement funding and social security is plentiful. (Not Joking) I may lay back in my secluded tropical resort and feel a rush of success fall over me. I may find it successful in maintaining my righteous mind or yachting with my exotic spouse 20 years my junior. I may find success, in the knowing and present being, in the comfort of my Lord and Savior. Who knows?

No matter how success looks to you, you must remember that only you are able to measure it. Like the blackberry, certain levels of outwardly obtained successes become obsolete, while other levels of success are less about self and more about those around you thus becoming more important and noteworthy. Lastly, ultimate success could be wrapped in the knowledge of what has happened and what is to come. Whatever level of perceived success you are facing now, find comfort in knowing, you have arrived!

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