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Motherhood: A role that merits the highest of honors

Receiving a Mother's Day Card
Mother's Day Card

“Every day is Mother’s Day.” One of the many phrases that has fallen upon families’ ears due to the holiday being upon us. But I think there are no truer words. Every day is Mother’s Day. Not just in the celebratory sense but in a dutiful one. Motherhood is a role where a woman must always be ready to serve and fight until the end of her days…maybe even after that.

There’s the Trial of Pregnancy where she has to endure and overcome many painful and uncomfortable situations for almost a year to get to the Battle of Childbirth. Then after that which may last hours, is the act of raising a child and for some, multiple children, which requires the utmost strength, bravery, courage and resilience. 

But the most trying and rewarding role of all is to love. There’s no love like one from a Mother. There are references where a Mother’s love is compared to God’s love in the Bible because it is unconditional. “As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem.” -Isaiah 66:12.

Mother and Daughter Hug
A mothers comfort

Jessica Hinton, a dear friend of mine, is the embodiment of genuine kindness and grace. Her presence lightens up the room and has the ability to leave anybody she interacts with a certain warmth. I can only guess how naturally she exuberates this from seeing her Mother, Mrs. Patricia Joe, do it in her household.  

“Moms are so important because they are our nurturers. They hold everything together. My mom never complains. She gets the job done and always has.” says Hinton. A Mother’s love has the cohesiveness that keeps a family together. Even through their own internal battles they are yet somehow able to provide warmth, kindness and guidance to their families. Throughout life, especially as we become adults, we tend to forget how honorable that is. To put someone’s needs before your own time and time again is worth all of the trophies and medals a person can win. 

“Motherhood is making a sacrifice for your family. I know it’s not easy all the time, but my Mom made it look easy,” says Hinton. “My mother didn’t want children, but she knew my Dad wanted girls so she gave him 2.” The act of a Mother’s sacrifice also merits honor. Mothers find themselves doing it often. Sacrificing their time, their peace, their bodies, sometimes their dreams, their health, their youth. They do it all for the love of their children and families, just as Christ did when he died on the cross for His children and as how God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. 

“Sarah was a lot older when God told her that she and Abraham were going to bear a son. Sarah in the Bible was faithful, loving, beautiful, fearless, obedient, and loyal. All the things I can definitely compare to my mom,” says Hinton.

Mother and son

There is no loyalty quite like one from a Mother. Once they become one, every decision, every move, every choice has to consider their family. A Godly Mother does their duty unto their family as they would do it unto God. This is another reason why Motherhood should merit the highest honor because Mothers do everything within their power to ensure safety, growth, and peace within their household, whilst being resourceful, graceful and brave. 

A day is not enough to celebrate what Mothers have done and continue to do. That’s why every day is Mother’s Day. Other than the LORD, there is no one as significant in someone’s life as a parent. For they fight the War of Parenthood valiantly and without a break and sometimes without knowing that they have the weapons and armor to fight successfully. But us as children of parents and of God must remind them and honor them, for they are the reason for a lot of beauty, strength and comfort in our lives.   

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” (Exodus 20:12).

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