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Hevel, Hevel. Everything is Utterly Hevel.

Hevel, Hevel. Everything is Utterly Hevel.
Standing in the midst of Hevel

Is it just me or does everyone read the book of Ecclesiastes when they find themselves becoming.... bitter? Just me, okay. This past week has been the absolute worst week I have had to ever endure professionally. I have been in corporate sales, entrepreneurship and ministry for almost 20 years of my life, but this past week has topped all of my most disappointing and meaningless acts of suffering I have ever had to endure. That's right, all meaningless.

Every unfortunate situation I endured happened one after another and if it was not one thing, it was another. None of which made any sense to me or had an explanation as to why it was occurring. It just had. All my hard work and efforts to see things through successfully had failed and everyone I depended on to perform their part in the success, failed. From my suppliers to platforms I entrusted, to my family members support, to even the good nature I attempt to instill in my clients, failed. Meaningless. Hevel, Hevel. Everything is utterly Hevel.

I explained the circumstances to those in my employ and partnership as to open their eyes to the cause and effect of their actions. It landed on deaf ears. I was merely presented with apologizes and excuses. I became utterly exhausted after being able to explain my predicament to one faithful listener because they understood my kindled anger but couldn't comprehend why it all took place nor why I even cared. So, what? That's tough, on to the next thing, no one will even remember. Meaningless.

Although I remained polite in my struggle, because I am conditioned to do so, I argued with God something fierce. You see, I know He holds the key to it all. I am still awaiting his rebuttal. I imagine He is sitting on his throne with his arms crossed giving me a condescending smirk as we speak.

The truth is though I teach, preach, live and emphasize the possibility of living a life worthy of God's and man's favor, nothing is promised to turn out as we plan. Bad things happen to good people all the time and evil people often live long and prosper. It is all a part of life. The only thing we can truly do, outside of hope that what's done in the dark will come to the light, is believe in the power of the Lord and to live by the practices, example and rule He has provided to us. To hope that his divine judgment on this world and our enemies occur as it is promised. That He is and shall be just.

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