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Reimagine Your Closet

There is nothing more exciting than a fresh pair of Air Jordan 3's circa 1988. Unless, of course, Nike reimagines them in 2023. What fun! I recall my first pair of Jordan's. They were the Air Jordan 13's circa 1998. They came from a Michael Jordan-crazed boyfriend that just had to have a pair. Back then, young couples wore matching clothes to show their loyalty and allegiance. Therefore, he had a pair and so did I. Oh, the memories that swept over me as I saw the Air Jordan 3 reincarnate resurface two weeks ago. How could I forget what it meant to have that particular brand on my feet? Of course, as time went on the fanatic phase faded and the shoes were well.... just another pair of sneakers in the closet.

So, here we are wondering what to do with our shoes that we loved so much, the shoes that brought so much joy and many memories attached to them. Typically, I tell my clients to toss them. I mean why do you still have that shoe? The season has passed and likely so has the season for that pair. Nonetheless, you may want to keep them. I mean, they may reimagine in 25 years, right? Possibly. So, until then, I suggest caring for them as if they were the hottest brand out and you were wearing them today. Here's a Tip: Take your adorned footwear, get a Clorox anti-bacterial wipe, Shoe Eraser, or any other soft solvent with low bleach content and go ahead and dust your shoes off. If you haven't done this in a while you may be surprised by what dust actually kicks off those old pavement pounders. Just do it. It's a great money-saving tactic and an excellent spring-cleaning task to add to your to-do list.

Once you find that the shoe you left tucked away in the deepest darkest part of your closet or basement is no longer your style and is in good condition; feel free to bless someone else with what was once the joy of your life. You can resell on Ebay, The Real Real, Mercari or Poshmark. My consultants and any of the leading resell platforms would be happy to help you. The old adage "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is still true today. Because it's never really trash. It is a perfectly tailored or designed item that needed to be "reimagined".


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