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Image is Important

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Have you been in an image rut?

Let's be honest, since the pandemic lockdown we have all experienced a downgrade in the image department a bit. According to 1 in 5 Americans suffered from low self-esteem during the pandemic. With the pandemic introducing new concerns and worries and maybe even a few pounds, image is the last thing people want to worry about.

However, image is important. The billions of dollars spent in the fashion industry, cosmetic counters, body enhancement clients and gym facilities is enough proof needed to sustain that statement.

But let's say you are not a fashionista, beauty influencer, Instagram model or mega star - what about your current state? Your state right now?

Here's a Y.E.A.H. moment:

  • It makes you feel good when you look good.

  • It makes you feel even better when people recognize that you look good.

With that being said, changing your image can cause a change in how you see yourself as well raise your self-esteem. Take a little time today for yourself, put on your best hairstyle, your best outfit for the occasion and start living in your best self. You'll soon notice how it positively enhances your mood and perspective.

You're probably saying to yourself "that's easier said than done." Well, let's get it done together. Image consultants provide these types of tips to assist you in coming out of that rut and as one, it would be an honor to help you find your best self. Step out with this encouragement from Keyola today and enjoy living the life in the look you love.

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